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    With education and experience in early childhood care
  • Our staff love giving children opportunities to make discoveries about their world by providing them with the time and space to explore.

  • At our daycare qualified staff will provide learning through play environment throughout the day, where children will have opportunity to explore, and engage in variety of developmental and age appropriate activities individually and as a part of group. The program believes in building on individuals strength and providing challenging environment to expand once learning experience.


    • Parul Panchal

      Parul Panchal


      Beloved children & parents, my name is Parul Panchal.
      I am the director of the Little Flowers Daycare & Preschool.
      I possess a degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. Besides being a proud mother of 2 children age 18 and 15 Yrs., I have experience working with children of ages 1 to 12 years. I have also worked as a development specialist for children with special needs.
      I am proud to be a vital contributor to children’s development for the last four years, as the lead teacher and director at “Little People’s Pre-School,” which is currently known as “Little Flowers Daycare & Preschool.” After having tremendous success and support in this community, we are growing and providing daycare services as well.
      I love every minute of making the children’s learning experience enjoyable. I love giving children opportunities to make discoveries about their world by providing them with the time and space to explore.
      I am committed to provide quality care to every child which will become memorable for their life, along with the important qualities of being friendly and patient.

    • Ritu Raturi

      Ritu Raturi


      Hello everyone, my name is Ritu Raturi and I am a preschool teacher.
      I am a professional child care educator and possess a doctorate degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry. To enhance my knowledge, I have done numerous child care related courses and workshops. I am a proud mother of two beautiful kids.
      I have been working with children (ages 2-6 yrs.) for the past 9 yrs. And have always enjoyed spending time with younger children. Working with kids has not only increased my patience level, it has also improved my ability to control my emotions or impulses to proceed calmly when faced with difficulties. In these years, I have experienced that not only do we (educators) support kids to their well-being and total growth, but these young children also support us emotionally and intellectually. They teach us the real meaning of LIFE and how we should enjoy our life without any fear and stress.
      I believe, learning outside the home begins early in life, when kids start interacting with other children and their educators, and thus, educators play an important role in their life.

    • Gitanjali Gulati

      Gitanjali Gulati


      My name is Gitanjali, better known as ‘teacher Gitu’ to the children. I am extremely elated about being a part of the dynamic and dedicated team of Little Flowers under the able leadership of Parul Panchal.
      I possess Masters in English Literature from Delhi University. I have taught in Amity University, Noida for 4 years. I have previously worked as a preschool teacher at a private school in Edmonton.
      I am a proud and doting mother of an 18-year-old young man studying at University of Alberta.
      Teaching has always been my passion, and being with children gives me the greatest joy and each day is a new learning experience with the little angels. I believe that the ‘childhood shows the man as the morning shows the day’…I look forward to a continue teaching at the preschool and daycare. I sincerely hope I can contribute positively to facilitate and enable the little flowers to bloom!!!

    • Rhonalyn Taganna
      Childcare Supervisor

      Rhonalyn Taganna

      Childcare Supervisor

      Children call me “Teacher Rhona” and I am a Mother of a cute little boy. I possess a degree in Secondary Education with major in in Biological Science and undergraduate of master of Arts I Teaching (general science) in technological university of the Philippines.
      I am a certified childcare Supervisor. I had worked in a public high school for four years. I have also experience working in a daycare set up. Teaching was always being my passion since childhood days that’s why I pursue to be an educator. Children’s curiosity, knowledge, enthusiasm and brilliant ideas are amazing. As an educator/teacher, I make sure that I prepare appropriate activities and strategies for them to meet their milestones. My greatest achievement as an educator is to see my students develop in their intellectual, physical, social and emotional aspects.
      I will continue to share my expertise and knowledge to every child with loving and compassionate heart.

    • Saroj Bala
      Childcare Supervisor

      Saroj Bala

      Childcare Supervisor

      Hello Everyone,
      My name is Saroj Bala. I graduated with Master’s Degree in History, as well possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.
      Working with kids is not only my career, but my passion. My passion to work with young children motivated me to pursue a career in the early childhood education field. I can’t imagine a day going without me expressing myself through art and crafts. There are couple of hats I fill which include wife to an amazing husband and a mother of two outstanding daughters. I have not only taught many aspects, but also acquired various aspects from these little flowers.
      My goal as an educator is so much more than teaching them, it’s to help them grow, which does sound cliché, but making sure these little angle’s master the way of life because they truly are the future. I believe in mutual love and respect for each other. We all bring our own personality to into the classroom, which is an astonishing way to connect, explore and learn.
      I look forward to working with our future leader’s each day in and day out. I am proud to be a team member that ensure a safe, positive and fun environment for all.

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  • Our Core Skills

    Feel free to explore our core skills
    • Early Literacy Skill

      Knowing all the all the letters in the alphabet by sight and sound, vocabulary acquisition, phonological awareness, and print awareness

    • Social and Emotional Skill

      This skill helps a child make friends, share, participate in classroom discussions and help child experience.

    • Good Listening Skill

      Learning how to actively listen takes practice and can also be a foundational skill for literacy and language development.

    • Effective Learning Skill

      Our team have the ability to create and manage effective learning environments such as physical space and classroom management

    • Goal Setter

      Ability to set appropriate individualized goals and objectives to advance yound children’s development and learning

    • Strong Learning Ability

      Ability to use the learning trajectories: a deep understanding of the content; knowledge of the way children think and learn about the content.